Directory of TID Tugs 61 - 80

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TID 61 Yard No: T470 Launched: 8 Jan 1944 Completed: 7 Mar 1944
3.1944: (U.S. Army).
17.1.1945: To Director of Sea Transport.
21.4.1945: Allocated to Captain of Dockyard, Chatham as basin tug.
9.4.1958: (H.G. Pounds, Portsmouth).
1961: Irving Elm (converted to oil engine) (J.D. Irving Ltd., Canada).
No further trace.
TID 62 Yard No: T471 Launched: 14 Jan 1944 Completed: 4 May 1944
Completed at Hessle
Naval work to:
16.3.1945: Admiralty - Portsmouth Pool.
20.9.1946: Broke adrift from H.M.S. Tenacity in a gale twelve miles of Beachy Head, Sussex. Taken in tow by H.M.S. Zephyr, but hove-to, due to weather conditions: TID 62 suddenly capsized and sank five miles south-east of Folkestone Pier after taking high seas aboard (voyage: Portsmouth/Sheerness).
TID 63 Yard No: T472 Launched: 18 Jan 1944 Completed: April 1944
Completed at Hessle
4.1944: (War Dept. - Army)
12.1945: (Government of France; reported in service with French Navy).
1947: (Civil Port Administration, Boulogne).
(See note under TID 91).
TID 64 Yard No: T473 Launched: 25 Jan 1944 Completed: Feb 1944

Naval work to:
12.1945: Claude (French owners).
1955: P.B. Everard (F.T. Everard & Sons Ltd.).
1969: Scrapped Harwich.

TID 64


TID 65 Yard No: T474 Launched: 8 Feb 1944 Completed: Mar 1944

Completed by C.D.Holmes of Hull.
1944: (M.O.W.T.).
1946: Sea Gem (C.J. King & Son, Bristol).
3.1967: Scrapped Portishead.

TID 65

TID 66 Yard No: T475 Launched: 8 Feb 1944 Completed: Feb 1944
Naval work to:
1946: (Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co. Ltd., London).
1949: (National Coal Board, Hull).
19..: (Warkworth Harbour Board).
11.1.1963: Towed into Berwick, Scotland, after drifting in North Sea with engine trouble (voyage to River Clyde to be refitted for service at Benghazi). Repaired and proceeded, but:
16.1.1963: Broke down with engine trouble in a gale ENE of St. Abb's Head. Towed into Leith.
Later broken up.
TID 67 Yard No: T476 Launched: 11 Feb 1944 Completed: Mar 1944
3.1944: (War Dept. - Army).
12.1945: (Government of France).
(See note under TID 91).
TID 68 Yard No: T477 Launched: 16 Feb 1944 Completed: 17 Mar 1944
3.1944: U.S. Army.
15.5.1945: Admiralty - Director of Sea Transport.
8.6.1945: To Flag Officer in Charge, Southampton. RN manned.
7.1945: At Falmouth for salvage duties.
27.2.1946: Transferred to Superintendent Armament Stores Officer, Bull Point, Plymouth.
1.4.1958: To PAS Devonport - for disposal.
2.6.1958: Transferred to Portland.
10.7.1967: Towed by Samsonia to Pembroke Dock.
15.12.1967: (Milford Haven Marine Services).
1968: (H.G. Pounds, Portsmouth). Later broken up
TID 69 Yard No: T478 Launched: 21 Feb 1944 Completed: 21 Mar 1944
Naval work (M.O.W.T.) to:
22.2.1945: Admiralty - to Director of Sea Transport, Southampton.
26.3.1947: (Luke, Thomas & Co. Ltd., Aden).
Later reported broken up
TID 70 Yard No: T479 Launched: 26 Feb 1944 Completed: 31 Mar 1944
Completed: 31.3.1944.
3.1944: U.S. Army.
23.12.1944: Struck mine in English Channel; sank while in tow of U.S. tug LT533, south of Selsey Bill, 50.12N 0.52W.
TID 71 Yard No: T480 Launched: 1 Mar 1944 Completed: 31 Mar 1944
Still in Existence

3.1944: U.S. Army.
10.11.1944: To Director of Sea Transport.
29.12.1944: To Flag Officer in Charge, London for Royal Victoria Yard, Deptford.
5.1.1945: With Superintendent Victualling Stores Officer towing lighters.
26.6.1961: At Chatham
1962: (H.G. Pounds, Portsmouth).
1964: Assurance (converted to oil engine) (Husbands Shipyard, Marchwood, Southampton.)
Still exists. See (Paysite)

TID 71

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TID 72 Yard No: T481 Launched: 6 Mar 1944 Completed: 7 Apr 1944
Still in Existence

4.1944: U.S. Army.
23.12.1944: To M.O.W.T.
30.6.1945: Laid up.
2.10.1945: Transferred to War Dept. Army.
1947: Intended to be renamed Evelyn (River Wear Commissioners, Sunderland), but
1948: Renamed Pallion.
1972: Converted to diesel.
1985: Still in service on Wear.
Still exists. See (paysite).
26.09.2004: Visited in South Docks, Sunderland by Martin Stevens and Julian Hopper.
In 1947 the River Wear Commissioners (later Port of Sunderland Authority) bought two coal-fired TID tugs, Nos. 54 and 72, from the Admiralty and in the following year renamed them Biddick and Pallion, respectively. For many years they were mainly employed on the towage and manoeuvering of dredgers and barges in the narrow confines of the River Wear. By the end of the 1960s only one TID tug was necessary to serve the dredging fleet, although both were retained due to the unreliability of the steam machinery.

TID 72

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In 1970 the National Ports Council was asked to suggest further ways of improving the river's dredging operations. Subsequently, one recommendation was that the efficiency of one of the TIDs be improved so that the other could be disposed of. Accepting this, The Wear Commissioners decided that the duties of their tugs should be extended to include buoy maintenance, the laying of anchors and moorings and light salvage work. Previously these duties had been carried out by a non-propelled, heavy-lift barge with steam deck machinery, which required a crew of seven men and the services of a tug, and it was reasoned that if a tug was equipped with a two-ton crane, it could perform all but major maintenance work.
The TID tug Pallion was selected for the new duties and her re-engining and modernising commenced at Gateshead in July 1972. She emerged from the refit three months later, with wheelhouse-control diesel machinery developing 440 bhp, new oil fuel bunker tanks, a modern funnel, extensively refitted accommodation and a hydraulic winch on the foredeck operating a buoy-handling boom with an outreach beyond the bow.

TID 73 Yard No: T482 Launched: 9 Mar 1944 Completed: 18 Apr 1944

4.1944: U.S. Army.
28.12.1944: Laid up.
24.5.1945: (Dashwood & Partners Ltd.).
1949: Renamed Dashound.
1954: (New (oil) engine).
30.3.1955: Purchased by Admiralty and to Senior Officer Reserve Fleet, Hythe, with civilian crew. Renamed TID 73.
5.2.1969: To Portsmouth PAS until relieved by Felicity in 1970.
15.5.1970: (H.G. Pounds, Portsmouth).
No further trace.

TID 73


TID 74 Yard No: T483 Launched: 14 Mar 1944 Completed: Apr 1944
Still in Existence
4.1944: (M.O.W.T.).
1.1945: Assisted American Liberty ship George Hawley, which had been torpedoed off the Lizard, Cornwall. Towed the disabled vessel some thirty miles before handing over to a salvage tug.
1946, 27.9. to Finnish Government, Helsinki (987), renamed B 8.
1946, 30.9. dlv at Cardiff, 2.10. sd for Swansea via Port Talbot.
1947, 14.1. & 12.6. to Pohjois Karjalan Uittoyhdistys, Joensuu, renamed MATTI.
1970, new deckhouse was fitted by Enso Gutzeit Oy, Laitaatsilta, and 405 HP oil engine made by Lister Blackstone Marine Ltd.
1988, to Savo Karjalan Uittoyhdistys, Joensuu (reorganization).
1993, to Järvi Suomen Uittoyhdistys, Joensuu (reorganization).
1997, 1.11, new national reg. No 11 749.
2002 still in existence. (See also TID 1).
TID 75 Yard No: T484 Launched: 18 Mar 1944 Completed: 24 Apr 1944
Still in Existence

Naval work (M.O.W.T.) to:
10.11.1944: In Portsmouth Pool.
17.4.1946: Sailed to Portland allocated to Captain in Charge
1960: (H.G. Pounds, Portsmouth).
1965: Adherence (converted to oil engine) (Husband's Shipyard, Marchwood, Southampton). Still in service in 1984.
23.01.2002 Still exists. See (Paysite)

TID 75

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TID 76 Yard No: T485 Launched: 23 Mar 1944 Completed: 1 May 1944
5.1944: U.S. Army.
19.12.1944: M.O.W.T. - managed by Channel Dartmouth Coaling Co.
17.1.1948: Transferred to Admiralty and shipped to Malta.
9.1959: De-equipped at Gibraltar.
18.10.1960: (H.G. Pounds, Portsmouth). Later broken up.
TID 77 Yard No: T486 Launched: 28 Mar 1944 Completed: 6 May 1944
Naval work (M.O.W.T.) to:
10.11.1944: Portsmouth Pool.
1948: (Admiralty).
1950: Ardol (Olympic Oil & Cake Mills, Hull; later British Oil & Cake Mills (Unilever Ltd.)).
Later reported broken up
TID 78 Yard No: T487 Launched: 31 Mar 1944 Completed: May 1944

7.1944: (War Dept. - Army).
12.1945: President Breward (France).
1966: Ower (converted to oil engine) (Alexandra Towing Co.).
9.1978: Scrapped Southampton.

TID 78


TID 79 Yard No: T488 Launched: 6 Apr 1944 Completed: May 1944

4.1944: (War Dept. - Army).
1946: Hillman (J.H. Piggott & Son, Grimsby).
30.10.1954: Capsized and sank while towing trawler Kirknes into Fish Dock, Grimsby.
8.11.1954: Refloated; sold and repaired, and:
1955: Dagger (converted to oil engine) (Hull Steam Trawlers Mutual Insurance & Protection Association, Hull).
19..: (M.N.S. Fishing Ltd., Newhaven).

TID 79

UPDATE sent by Hamish Mackenzie (February 2010). 'Just a line to let you know what happened to TID79 (Dagger). She ended up in the Cromarty Firth, and was still owned by MNS Fishing then known as Metrec (Orkney Ltd.) towing barges with the salvage metal from the wreck of HMS Natal to Invergordon and was scrapped 1974 or 75, at Invergordon'.


TID 80 Yard No: T489 Launched: 13 Apr 1944 Completed: 19 May 1944

Naval work (M.O.W.T.) to:
16.3.1944: Portsmouth Pool. In service at Poole.
3.10.1945: Transferred to Captain in Charge, Portland.
1948: (Admiralty).
6.1962: (Anglo Diesel Co., London).
1965: Broken up.

TID 80